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1.8 16v swap using stock cis-l (not cis-e) out of 84 Rabbit Gti. I found some info online but some details are missing.
So collecting parts for swap but trying to figure out a few detail. Mind you I don't have the scirocco parts yet so some of it may be obvious once all parts are on hand.
1.8 Pl engine from 16v Gti
Scirocco Intake manifold
Scirocco fuel line
Scirocco Intake boot
89 Saab 900 vacuum advance distributor
Will the throttle body for mk1 gti bolt up to scirocco intake manifold?
If not how are you setting up wot switch?
How is idle stabilizer setup? Can stock isv be retrofit to scirocco setup or must I locate isv from kr engine?
Can auxiliary air valve be retrofit to scirocco 16v setup?
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