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16vT Corrado

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I need some advice. I was planning on doing a 16v G60 conversion in my 1990 Corrado. I already have the 16v block at the machine shop and my 8vg60 removed. I was planning on ordering the kit from orz motorsports but now I'm having second thoughts. Last time I called, Oliver (of Orz) said he was in the middle of moving to Wisconson but I could send a money order to his hotel. This seemed a bit shady so I said I'd wait till he got settled. That was several weeks ago and now he's not even returning my calls. So here's my questions.
Has anyone ever done buisness with orz? Should I trust this guy?
If I decide to go turbo instead, how hard is it to make my digifant I work with it?
Are there any kits avalible for this application?
Where can I find more info on the process?
I have some mechanical skills and my brother is a Mercedes mechanic so we can deal with a certain level of difficulty.
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Re: 16vT Corrado (ZeeuwVW)

There is a yahoo group for 16vG60 guys, plenty of info there for the asking. http://groups.yahoo.com/group/16vG60
Digifant is capable of fueling both, but you'll most likely need larger injectors.
Talk to snstuning.com about the digifart.
I've never bought anything for orz, but he always answers my emails quickly.

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Re: 16vT Corrado (OttawaG60)

Are there any custom parts neccessary for the digifant I to work with the 16v? I know I need a feul rail and intercooler plumbing. What about sensors and such? I it just plug and play?
Would it be a better idea to go with stand alone engine managment like TEC 2 or the eurospeed kit?
The 16vg60 kit along with a g-ladder rebuild was going to run like $3500 so I have that much left in the budget. Any suggestions?
Ben Zeeuw
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Re: 16vT Corrado (ZeeuwVW)

The Orz kit comes with everything I think, email Oliver, he'll fill you in.
DougG60 built one, from what I can tell it's plug and play.
It comes with a fuelrail. If you want to build the kit yourself, contact the guys in the 16v G60 group.
I'm personally going with the SDS (sdsefi.com) to control my 16v G60, but the digifant is capable of doing it, that's what VW used.
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