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16vT thoughts...

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3:41 AM 12/1/2001

Bear with me on this one...
I've got a pile of 8v heads and blocks in my shed. Some high comp, some low comp. Doing the math, I think a high comp(10:1) 8v bottom end with a 16v head yeilds about 8:1. Perfect for turbo. Obviously I'll need to get the pistons machined for valve reliefs but what else needs to be done to the? Shot peening? Moly coating?
The reason I ask is simple. I want to run low compression. If I have to buy a complete 16v, then get spacer gaskets that's about $500- $600. Having the pistons milled will be in the neighbourhood of $120. I could then use a stock headgasket and still have low compression.
Are there any drawbacks to this approach that I'm not seeing? The 8v pistons are a totally different shape than the 16v ones. Will this present problems with fuel mixing properly in the cylinder? Will the areas milled for clearance cause hot spots on the pistons? What am I missing here, it all seems to easy...
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Re: 16vT thoughts... (RaceU)

my suggestion to you is to build your 8:1 motor with a 16v head and an 8v bottom end. get the pistons machined, rebuild, if it blows up, who cares? fact is, is that people are running +200whp reliably with sh!t like this.
then you can come back and tell us how well it works
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Re: 16vT thoughts... (rocco2nr)

Collin at TT will machine the piston valve reliefs for pretty cheap.Go get-em big hitter
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Re: 16vT thoughts... (psi)

Can I just machine the pistons and slap it all together? Don't have to worry about any other B.S.? My 8v bottom end is pretty much bulletproof. It's all balanced and lightened, should be nice with more breathing up top. It held 17psi for about an hour with lots of timing...
Nothing a few new rings can't fix...
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Re: 16vT thoughts... (RaceU)

you need to get a block off plate for the distributor. also the int shaft runs at a different rate on the 8v than the 16v. there might be something related to the oil pump but i dont know for sure.
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