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16x9s help please... *eric * anyone ?

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i want to get the 16x9s.. on my 98 jetta GLX... i will be runnin weitec fully adjustable coilovers in the near future.. what would i need to do so the wheels fit?
offset? tire sizes? someone please help.. also if i can get a price on the
Borbet Type T's in a 16x9 .. and what tire size i need to fit the wheels
i want to get kumho 712 ;s please help.. i have asked b4 with no luck
thanx in advance..

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Re: 16x9s help please... *eric * anyone ? (DarkLite13)

I know that Borbet makes a 16X9 in 4X100 ET 15. I'll check w/Borbet on the 5X100. I've not personally done this but sold the set up on the car below. Wheel price approx $140.00 no refunds or returns. 6-8 weeks to arrive.
The tire size is 215/40-16.
Re: 16x9s help please... *eric * anyone ? ([email protected])

thanx.. just let me know on that please

anyone else ?

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Re: 16x9s help please... *eric * anyone ? (DarkLite13)

I have the 16" x 9" Borbet T's with Kuhmo Ecstas in a 30ET running shocks/struts. Its a real tight fit but I clear the suspension barely. I just ordered FK Koenigsriders (adjustables) and am certain I'll have to get H&R TRAK II spacers. I am thinking 15mm fronts, 25mm rears.
The tire size Eric mentioned fits perfectly. You'll find them to be quite light for such a large rim but the rubber weighs a ton.
Good luck with them if ya can get them!

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Re: 16x9s help please... *eric * anyone ? (TREK'in)

what about neuspeed Race springs? how well would this work?
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