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Trying this forum to possibly get some help.

Have a project mk4 R32. I have been consistently getting a p1143, and only this code, after about 20 minutes (or less) of driving, every single time. I just installed a new Bosch maf (verified Bosch online)and without fail, cel in 20 minutes. I have noticed I will get a fault much sooner, but cel after it happens a second time).

So far I have replaced:
maf, 3 times
fuel filter
fuel pump
fuel pressure regulator
gas pedal
N80 purge valve

I have cleaned the throttle body and did an adaptation, just before installing the new maf In stock intake. fuel trims are good (with cel on) at 0.0%, 3.1%, 0.2%, 3.1% in order for stft and ltft. I do not believe have a vacuum leak based on the stft numbers. logged 3rd gear for block 002 and hit peak of 209 g/s So I feel the new maf is ok. car idles perfectly and zero driveability issues with great response for tq/hp.

Could it be my throttle body? That’s about the only thing I haven’t changed. Open to opinions above my knowledge base.
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