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180hp turbo

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When can we expect to start seeing the 180hp turbo at local dealers. Does anyone know what the price tag will be on this one and is the increase in horsepower the only difference when compared to the 150 hp model?
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Re: 180hp turbo (buzzinhornet)

It could be that it is actually rated at 180hp, but VW is advertising it at 170.
I had read several times that they were going to do that. They were afraid Audi owners would be upset.
Re: 180hp turbo (DCC)

quote:[HR][/HR]According to many who have driven the 2002 1.8T beetle...it already must have more than last year's 150hp
People have been saying that, but I highly doubt that's the case. I've heard just as many people who have driven them say they are exactly the same as the older 1.8t.
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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