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180hp turbo

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When can we expect to start seeing the 180hp turbo at local dealers. Does anyone know what the price tag will be on this one and is the increase in horsepower the only difference when compared to the 150 hp model?
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Re: 180hp turbo (Carroll Floyd)

The 180hp engine will only be available in the Turbo S. This, of course, means that it will come standard w/all GLX equipment, plus two-tone sport seats, 17" wheels and six-speed manual only. Should be here in January.
Re: 180hp turbo (jrdlr)

I could be mistaken, but what GLX equipment does it not come with? The one I saw at VW HQ had everything the GLX has (sunroof, cold weather pkg., monsoon, leather, etc.) plus the Beetle Sport/Snap Orange style sport seat, with a grey leather insert. I didn't see anything missing from the car equipment-wise. Good eye, though, I hadn't noticed VW's revised HP rating in the order guide. It doesn't make any sense, though, as the GTI and Jetta 1.8t both have 180 now. It makes me wonder if it is a typo.
Re: 180hp turbo (pdoel)

The thing is, they're advertising GTI and Jetta at 180, so why not the Beetle? The Passat is legitimately 170, but Passat has different intake/exhaust plumbing from Golf/Jetta/Beetle.
1 - 3 of 9 Posts
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