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.184 Injector testing?Pix and Video (maybe?)

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.184 Injector testing…Pix and Video (maybe?)

I pulled these .184 injectors out of my TDI and wanted to test them before selling them (yes I replaced them with .205s, and they are BAD ASS!!). I used a Kiene Injector testing unit, it applies fuel at higher and higher pressure until the injector fires. The injectors I pulled out had 20K on them, testing one at a time, they all fired between 3150-3200PSI or 220Bars, that is with in 1.5%…up to 5% is considered acceptable, they all had great patterns and appear to still be in new operating condition. I seem to be getting very good fuel locally and the injectors were pretty clean when they came out. I have pix of the injectors, testing unit and a video of the injectors firing, I’m not sure I can get the video to work so bare with me. To view the video right click http://members.home.net/e.lowe1/TDI_STUFF/tdi_2.mpg and then click "save target as" you can then open it or save it to your hard drive. It there is a better way to load it please let me know.

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Re: .184 Injector testing…Pix and Video (sonnylowe)

Sonny, when are you gonna post those clamps you bought from Master-Carr?
Re: .184 Injector testing…Pix and Video (TDI_Jetta)

Hey Lito,
I'll take pictures tomorrow, and post them. I have been slack you know! Did you get the Video to work, just wondering!?!?

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Re: .184 Injector testing…Pix and Video (sonnylowe)

Sonny, Man that's pretty cool!
File works great. Neat test.
Re: .184 Injector testing…Pix and Video (TDI_Jetta)

Nice work!
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