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selling my wheels and coilovers. had rims and tires 3 years and they r all well kept. 2 wheels flawless and other 2 have almost un-noticeble scrape (if u grabbed the wheel and grazed it on a curb u would make more damage). all tires have alot of thread life but need 1 tire (1 tire has bubble, new tire $150 on most tire sites)
coilovers have around 5,000 miles on them (car rarely driven, only to shows and sometimes weekend drive) and r in perfect condition
racing hart c2
wheels+tires+17mm front and 25mm rear spacers ecs tuning and h&r-$900
billstein pss coilovers-$800
package deal-$1,600
pick-up only, willing to meet somewhere in jersey

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1 - 20 of 72 Posts
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