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19" x 9" Bentleys - ET41 - Sold traded for MK3 wheels

I really hate parting with theses ran them on my 2015 Bagged Passat for two years (taking the VW buy back). Little history about the wheels, the previous owner bought them from a junior enthusiast which had one of the wheels repaired (shown in photo) and plastidipped them. Previous owner had them stripped and refinished but the prep prior to paint left pieces of plastidip in the finish. Winter of 2016 I had them refinished again and they came out great. As previously mentioned one wheel has been repaired but has never been an issue, wheel run true, no vibration, no leaks.
Wheels came of a 2005 Continental Spur Part# 98474 seen many other Vw/Audi run Bentley wheels but haven't seen many run this style of wheel so a little on the unique side. Tires are Sailun 235/35/19 installed summer of 2016 only four months on the tires, car is stored over the winter. Center caps consist of three parts and the older style will not interchange with the "newer style" pieces. All four are the new styles which means that you can order only what you need to replace at $350.00 for the three pieces this will be a saving should you need to replace any on of the three pieces . ($1,200.00 in center caps alone)

Asking $2,200.00 CND plus shipping at your expense. Tell me which carrier you'd like to us and I'll send you a shipping cost. Wheel will be put in VW storage bags, a cardboard on both sides of the wheel to protect the wheel from damage and then shrink wrapped.

Repairs to the one wheel:

Extra center cap parts
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