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I just got back from watching "Big Fish" which had a BEAUTIFUL representation of a 66-67 style Dodge Charger

67 with Hideaways^
It just reminded me of one of the GREATEST Muscle cars Ive ever seen in my early days of car fascination
a Beautiful Gold 1966... dumped nicely on some Torque Thrust Ds

it was in CarCraft about 7 years ago. Wonderful car.

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Re: 1966-1967 Dodge Charger (Chapel)

There's a beautifully restored example owned by one of the local police officers here in Kahnawake. The guy's a bit of a prig himself (badge goes to his head) but man, he's got good taste in cars.
Looks EXACTLY like the red one in the pic (even has the skinny bias-plys) but it's got aquamarine paint.
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