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Time to thin the herd folks. I know you DCI guys know how much I have into these cars but that doesn't mean I'm gonna sell em to YOU for that much.....although I will certainly hook you up if you're serious. Anyone else can expect to pay something close to fair market value....but CASH TALKS.
First, the datsun:

Now, I'm willing to sell it with either set of rims pictured... with either nearly new Kuhmo 711's OR a very usable but mismatched pirelli/sumitomo combo. I'm keeping the race seat so it'll be sporting some very clean celica buckets. The car is super dependable and gets awesome gas mileage. It's pretty peppy with the 2.0 liter/5spd combo and cruises awesome on the highway with the long ratio 5spd. I estimate that 3000rpm in 5th is around 75mph. And it gets at least 30mpg at that speed. It's got a Weber DGEV 32/36 carb on it right now. I'm asking $2000 for it to start off. Go ahead and find another 510 for that price with the goodies this one has :brad:
Onto the camaro:

The car has been VERY dependable thus far and actually seems to get pretty good mileage (~18mpg mixed highway/city). The 305cid V8 is incredibly smooth - it idles rock solid at 500rpm. It's sporting an Edelbrock 600cfm 4barrel carb with electric choke on an Edelbrock TorkerII intake manifold - both of which I installed. It has GM's HEI breakerless ignition so no points to worry about.
The brakes, steering, and transmission all work well. It doesn't slip at all while shifting at WOT. The car has a newish stock exhaust system that is so quiet you can hardly hear the car idle. In general the car is VERY docile, quiet and easy to putt around in traffic but certainly GETS ON IT when the need arises. The car has some typical GM rust around the rear fender wells but appears to be very straight other than that. The door hinges are a bit saggy and the drivers side door handle needs to be replaced but IS useable from the outside. The locks work as do all lights and signals. As you can see the windshield is cracked and if the car doesn't sell in a couple weeks I'll probably replace that. The PO had installed a floor shifter and removed the column shift lever from the car.... THEN he got broke or something and took the floor shifter out and sold it... leaving the column lever missing! The base of the steering column still shifts the car however so it's really quite easy to drive. The same part of the column twists to change gears as would move if the shift lever where in place... sounds confusing but it's VERY easy to get used to unless you're an idiot. If noone bites I'll continue to hotrod tha beast and the price will go up.
It'll soon recieve these:

along with new wheel studs/lugnuts and spacers all around to make em fit.
They're beastly wide 255/50r16's on I THINK 16 by 9.5" rims off a 1984 corvette (think Face-man's car from A-team). I'm also contemplating headers and dual exhaust so it'll actually sound like it has a V8 at idle.
Anywho, I'm starting at $2000 for it also just cause it runs so goddamn well....but feel free to lowball me....ya never know! Of course the longer I keep it the more goodies it will receive...and the price will go up accordingly.
Please reply in this thread if you have questions!
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