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1967 beetle barn find

I was helping a friend who's mother is going into a home. Here is a 1967 beetle that's been in a garage since she last drove it. No idea how long but looks fairly intact. He told me she drove it as a daily and when she started getting sick couldn't drive stick anymore. I don't have time to drain everything to even try to start it. Interior looks decent except passenger seat is in bad shape.. others are pretty good. Rear window seal seems to have leaked at some point but there is no rot that I can see. Floor pans look good, as does the forward pan. However under the battery is rotted about a 6"x6" section. What's nice is everything is original. Posting for $3,000. Message me if you're interested. Car is about 20 mins outside Harrisburg, PA.


1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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