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I got this shell from wishuhadmyvw a couple of years ago. He started shaving the bay, and somewhere along the line gave up on the project. I just don't have time to finish this project, and it's currently in a friends garage. It needs to go now. I would hate to have it scrapped. I would like any body who is interested to get a hold of me so you can check it out.

I finished the entire passenger side of the bay, still has a ways to go before the entire bay is finished, But you'll have a major head start. I have also had to track down both front fenders, hood, trunk, and all glass and seals. It does have a shaved and smoothed single round core support. The rear suspension has new raceland coilovers, and new prothane bushings. It also has a rear disc swap. It currently doesnt roll, nor does it have front suspension of any kind. (I have since added everything to the front except front struts)

There is some minor rust around the A-pillar area and a bullet hole in the floor pan :confused:


If you want me to send you pictures please pm me.

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