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1985 audi turbo quattro coupe... NEED INFO i met a guy who....

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has one and said he'd be willing to sell to the right enthusiast who would recognize the rarity and collector's value.. he said he's not looking to make money he wants someone to carry on the documented maintenince and with his new baby on the way his pearl S4 wagon will do him just fine..
any pros/cons to these? any more problematic than any other VW/audi??
and what kinda pricing would i be looking at? no dollar amount was mentioned and he said he's not pushing the sale like advertising it or anything but if someone's interested (ME) he said he'd be willing to give it up... i talked to him in the mall parking lot for a lonnnng time in the freezin' cold he was lovin my GLI he said he had one brand new in 88... nice guy
any and all info would be apreceated.. this could turn out to be an unbelievable oppertunity
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Re: 1985 audi turbo quattro coupe... NEED INFO i met a guy who.... (JoeJetta91)

The engine will be pretty good. The rest of the car could be sketchy, given the year. However, these are collector items so it should be a good buy. The cost will be over 10k if it is a good example. Less if it needs work. Good luck. http://****************.com/smile/emthup.gif
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