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Here are the vids of it in action after the TDI swap was complete:

Lifted MKII Golf Diesel TDI Conversion Offroad Videos

Monday 5-14-07: Clutch Fails
calls made throughout the week.
Friday 5-18-07: i met Donald (Goat) @ 6:30 & the descidion was made.
Saturday - swap is on!!!
This car is a bone - stock 1986 Golf Diesel that i picked up off craigslist several months ago & swapped passat suspension & a hitch onto.......
getting the TDI out of a donor mk3 jetta.
The jetta is getting a 1.6 Diesel from a donor mk2!!!

here goes!

And yes..... - that's a 1.6l in an mk3!!!!!

and you might have noticed the assortment of corrado parts here as well.

and here are the 2 cars monday morning.

a 1.9 TDI MK2 Golf

And A 1998 Jetta 1.6 Diesel

so, i'm just glad to have fixed the bad clutch issue
& maybe a little glad to have doubled the power too

and it's note totally done yet..... still need to figure out the throttle.

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please resize your pictures, looks like fun

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Re: (scottyrocco16vDUB)

I have sone several motor swaps & once you do one it's funny how easy it gets.
1: try to get a whole donor car... or at least the entire wiring harness & transmission with it if it's a cable shift unit.
2: use an interior wiring harness from a 1989 or newer mk2 - it will plug in to the mk3 fuse block
3: get a corrado shift box (drill 4 holes to install it... really easy)
4: get a corrado pedal assembly... will need to be modded - see
or get a passat TDI pedal assembly - should fit from what i have heard - i just couldn't get my hands on one.
5: don't use a cherry picker - it's a wast of time... just remove the bumper, frille, rad support, rad, & subframe & drop the motor onto a furnature dolly or wheel dolly & then undo the rear mounts & roll that baby away.
6: if you are insane like me
& want lots of ground clearance & a fat intercooler & a mk3 radiator & a good place to mount a skidplate you will want my latest creation:
7: & then with some special strut work it can clear 27x8.5r14 tires.
i will have to post some pics of this later. - but that's only if you have a desire for 9.5" of ground clearance
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