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1986 GTi Styling help

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well I was going to buy big door and big bumpers But I found a sweet deal on a G60 swap. So tell you what you think Big doors, US small bumpers and G60 swap or Big doors, Big bumpers, Wheels and tires. I am geting big door because I need them to replace my rusted small doors also geting a hatch.
Thanks for the help I am definitly going for the swap right now unless you change my mind. I just need some convincing cause this will push my new paint to early next spring
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Re: 1986 GTi Styling help (Black86GTI)

i'll take the g60 swap if you don't get it! i need a donor for my gti
Re: 1986 GTi Styling help (needboost2live)

performace over styling. I could of painted my car, got rims and tires, big doors, and big bumpers. But I went with my vr6 swap instead!
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