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I am selling my 1987 Audi 4000 Quattro, I believe it's a CS but not sure about that part. All Wheel Drive, and it works great, diff locks front and rear and controls on dash also working. It's got an original 2.2 liter inline 5 cylinder engine, and I've talked to other 4KQ owners who've gotten over half a million miles on one of these engines. It has 207,540 actual miles currently and the odometer is still counting! The car runs and drives very well for a car it's age, it's starting right up! I have replaced a lot of parts on this car over the about 8 years I've owned it(including timing belt at about 195,000 miles I think; working on pulling together all the service records I have). I purchased the car in Colorado, with 175,000 miles, then brought it to Vermont so it has had that much time in the rust belt. As for rust, the exterior is worse looking than the bottom; the bottom of the car is still super solid. There are no holes and bad spots are still solid on the sides (pictured). This car can still be returned to it's former glory body wise. When I got it it had no noticeable rust at all.

It has:
-The Quattro scripted seats - rear bench needs repair, but that's why I got out of the car and got another back
seat to use. It's only coming apart at the seams, no actual tears, no missing foam seat stuffing. I got a quote for
$500 to fix it from a professional car upholsterer. I can also put the front passenger seat in for the new owner if
preferred to the current "open" setup in the pictures.
-Custom Made Stainless Steel Cat-back exhaust from 2Bennett Audimotive purchased and installed in 2017. It
sounds great!
-As you can see, there is a slew of parts that come with this car. Everything in the pictures goes with the car.
There is 2 spare heater cores, mine never went out on me but I've been told that they do sometimes on this
model, so not to worry about that. The spare wheels do fit this car, though I believe they came from an Audi GT
coupe. One had a slow leak when I used them not sure if it was just the tire. There is some road rash on them.

I've done my best to take good care of this car, she has not been abused by me. I never actually met the lady who owned it before me in Colorado as a proxy handled it for me, but it seemed to me she took good care of it too. The car drives great, there is nothing wrong with it as far as driving functionality. I'll be getting it inspected soon, it still has a month and a half on the Vermont inspection sticker.

The Bad
-There is no working AC, AC unit was deleted. It was a legacy system anyway.
-Drivers window and front passenger windows open and close but it takes some patience, or fixing. Driver's rear
does not open or close, and passenger rear works perfect.
-The trunk deck does not hold itself up, you have too, and it's kinda heavy lol. I use a snowbrush to prop it.
-The antenna broke off in a car wash :(

Really all the bad stuff I can think of is minor annoyances except for windows not all working on a hot day. This car is highly nimble and a blast to drive, if you want to learn how to rally drive this would be exactly what you want! In a winter storm, you can get just about anywhere you want to. Driving this car around on a snow day or in a blizzard was the best times I had owning this car.

I am asking for $4,500, as is, including all of the parts pictured.
Accepting reasonable offers
Thanks for looking
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