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hey guys i have read some forms and done some serches but not
really found a consistant answer in the difficulty of this project,

well heres the low down i have my 87 jetta with cis and i wanted to
posibly switch the injection system over to digifant out of a 88jetta
the thing i was wondering is what kinda swap am i looking at??
would i have to switch over the fuse box and everything like that to
the digifant wireing for the whole car, or is there a way for me to easly
work the digifant engin wireing system and fuel managment to the cis
fuse box?
any help would be awsomely appeciated guy and any input about how
i can do things easly and such
any links to any how to's would be awsome and picturs are allways awsome. i thank you again for anyone willing to help me out with this.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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