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1988 Cabriolet manual transmission. "Boutique Edition" triple white.
$3000. OBO
AC and power steering. Runs and drives well. Approx 145,000 miles. All stock except for new Techtonics 2.5" exhaust, wheels, and steering wheel. New top, and interior (seat covers, and door panels) in 2007. Lots of new parts including radiator, fan assembly, starter, battery, shifter bushings, rear tires, and brakes. BBS RA's powder coated black centers, with polished lips. It hasn't been driven much in the last 4 years since we've had kids, so it's time for someone else to enjoy it. It is a 24 year old Volkswagen, so it's not perfect... but it's a nice driver. I wouldn't hesitate to drive it anywhere. It was my wife's daily driver for years before we had kids. I'm trying to describe it as honest as possible so there are no surprises for any interested buyers. Any questions, please ask.
-Looks nice overall
-runs great
-great interior
-nice wheels
-mostly rust free. One small spot on bottom of windshield can be seen in picture #3.
Not so good (in detail):
-odometer stopped working last year. Has not been driven more than a few thousand miles in last few years combined.
-Needs motor mounts. Not falling out or anything, but it creates a very small leak at the downpipe, and the axles click in reverse.
-clock in cluster doesn't work, and recently the temp gauge has been working on/off.
-CIS cold start problem. I think it needs a fuel accululator. (Most other parts of the system are new.) The 5th injector is unhooked to compensate. It always, always starts. Just takes an extra crank on very cold mornings. You can hook the cold start injector up, and it starts great cold, but has a hard time starting warm then. Not really a problem, but worth mentioning.
-Paint's not perfect, but looks pretty good. Some chips and scratches from 24 years of use.
-Although it has all new weatherstrips, the top doesn't seal perfectly. (never seen one that does! :mad: ) Could probably adjust the door/window better.

Pictures (taken yesterday):

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