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I recently purchased a 1989 Jetta II 16V that had an engine swapped to a 1993 VR6 engine from Germany. The car runs great, and sounds fantastic with the Neuspeed intake and 2" exhaust but it has a few problems I would like to sort out:
1. The tach and some of the items on the MFA do not work
2. I do not know which version of the VR6 I have.
Is their anyway to tell from the engine number or some code somewhere? How can I sort out the tach and the MFA?

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Re: 1989 US Jetta with German market VR6 (jetta2vr6)

The central electric II gauge clusters do not work with the VR6 without a convertor box (which is $300) best bet is to swap out to an earlier gauge cluster and hybrid harness, (which I sell at futrellautowerks.com)
The engine code is on the valve cover and on the engine case AAA is probably what it says which is a standard 2.8L VR.
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