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Sad to part the car out but its just not practical for me to build it, also it doesnt have a title. All prices are without shipping, so heres a list:

note: will give great bundle deals!!

1: 7a 20v motor $1000(some accessories included, not bare block and head)
compression: cyl1:195 cyl2:195 cyl3:180 cyl4:195 cyl5:210 (i think there was a little bit of fuel in the cyl from when i was trying to start it)
2: 5 speed trans: $500, shifts great!
3: rear locking diff: $400
4: drive shaft: $125
5:axles $50ea
or everything above for $2000

6:tail lights: 125 each or 250 for both
7: complete doors with glass, no regulator: 300 ea
8: banged up hood: 75
9: rear hatch with glass: 350
10:complete rear bumper assembly US spec: 350
11:driver fender, one dent in the corner:100
12:radiator: 100
14:ac compressor: 100
15:intake manifold:100
16:abs pump :75
17: 7a intake boot:50
18:master cylinder with reservoir:40
19:little misc stuff in engine bay: $15-$50
20:dash with a little hole in it:100
21:eek:il pressure,voltage,oil teamp gauges:250 with wood trim
22:diff lock button: 80
23:a pillars, b pillars, trim: 40ea
24: hvac controls: 80
25:switches above radio: 20ea
26: shifter boot:40
27:seatbelts: 40 ea
28:passanger seat no tears, leather is hard: 150
29:carpet: 100
30:rear seats, tearing a little by the head rest not bad: 150
31: hatch carpet: 65
32:rear door/side panels: 100 ea
33: hatch trims: 80
34: sunroof with motor: 250
35:wheels with brand new tires:400(i believe they are the 15in borbet)

These are all the main and major components i could think of but there is still plenty of parts, if there is anything else you can contact me, my phone number is 219-613-8767

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I’m in Hebron Indiana, but the car is about 30min in my garage I’m renting out.

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You’ll want to specify whether
it’s a 2 or 4 plug ECU. That’ll
determine a few parts that are
different between the two.

Also what color is the interior?
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