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1990 Audi S2 Clone
VIN: Wauge08b4La002478
condition: like new
cylinders: 5 cylinders
drive: 4wd
fuel: gas
odometer: 130132
paint color: white
title status: clean
transmission: manual
type: coupe
Year: 1990
Make: Audi
Model: Coupe Quattro / S2 Clone
Miles: 130,132
Original Paint Color: Pearl White
Current Color: Avery Dennison Vinyl Wrap - Intense Blue
Interior Color: Black

Cars History:
The car spent most of it's life in the state of Washington. Great place to buy a car as the paint was in good shape for an almost 30 year old car when I bought it. A few spots have been resprayed over the years (drivers rear quarter, roof in front of sunroof, B4 hood, RS2 Bumper). There were also few rock chips here and there especially on the front fenders, but over all the paint looks good. Not even any cracking in the clear coat which is common with a pearl paint job of this age. Rear S2 bumper is silver, I added this when doing the vinyl wrap. Original pearl CQ bumper included with the sale. I was told a father owned it for many years, then the son bought it and did the swap. I purchased the car in Nov. 2017 from Petar Antonic who lives in Chicago. He owned it for about a year before I picked it up from him.

Clone Swap:
The clone swap was done in 2015. Engine, wire harness and ECU were from a 1991 Audi 200. Transmission was imported from Germany as it wasn't available here in the USA. It's a 01E Audi A6 TDI 6-speed. The swap was done by an engineer - not by me. When the swap was first preformed there was 120K on the chassis, and 140K was on the 3B engine. After purchasing the car I noticed smoke coming out of the exhaust. Figured it needed fresh valve guide seals. After removing the head and having it rebuilt by a machine shop, I was advised the smoke was most likely from the piston rings. I then pulled the block and had that rebuilt as well. Head and lower end were rebuilt but a machine shop in Hopkins, MN by John Knutson with over 40 years experience. New rings, seals, bearings and APR head studs were installed in the rebuild. The whole removal and reinstall of the motor and modifications were done with help from 2 personal close friends who are Audi tech's in Minneapolis (Brian Collins and Frank Buntzen). While removed, I did a complete POR15 clean and gloss black paint job on the block. The engine has run great and solid since the full rebuild. I recently had a compression test done by Anderson Motorsports, which also confirms a very healthy engine.

Black Interior Swap:
Black Interior swap was preformed over winter of 2018/2019. Entire interior was gutted and fitted with a collection of almost 3 full interiors to find the best interior parts available for the swap. Full headliner was also redone black and installation of some very rare OEM black headliner plastics from a S2 I purchased earlier for the swap. Entire grey interior was kept and is included with the car's sale.

Vinyl Wrap:
The Avery Dennison Intense Gloss Blue vinyl wrap was completed over the winter of 2018/2019. This was done at Creative Color Graphic and Print Studio in Minneapolis, MN - http://www.creativecolorstudio.com" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;. I work for Creative Color and we take great pride in our work. We like to promote new wrap jobs yearly at local car shows we sponsor. This being such a unique car, we wanted to wrap it as close to Nogaro Blue from the original RS2 as possible. This was a very time consuming wrap with all the exterior trim also needing removal to wrap behind it. Door jams, gas cap area and rear hatch were also wrapped. The paint was sanded on rock chip areas to make smooth. Removal of the wrap isn't difficult. Would take a shop approx a half day. The wrap doesn't hurt the original paint, in fact it protects it. Photos available of the car prior to wrap job.

RS2 and Modifications:
I wanted to build a RS2 tribute car. Doing so, I've gathered a lot of very rare authentic S2 and RS2 parts. On top of alot of modifications, I've done a lot of maintenance. It's a very long and detailed list below. S2 crossmember has been purchased, but not installed. It's included with the car.

Over the past 2 years I have put alot of money and hard work into this car creating one of the best clones in the USA. Everything has been documented and all records saved. It's been a dream of mine to do this for many years and it's been a very rewarding and fun project. I built the car to keep it forever, but have recently seen at the growing rate these cars and it's big brother the RS2 have increased in value. I have to move quick to pick up a real RS2 before they get too crazy expensive. Lack of car space, my beloved S2 has to go.

Feel free to call/email or text with any questions you may have. I wont be checking this website daily, so best way to get a hold of me is the contact info below. Many more photos available upon request. Car is located in Minneapolis, MN - currently sitting in a heated shop.

[email protected] 952.393.7192

Asking $27,000

Contact me if you have any questions or want additional photos. Thank you!

------ Parts List Below --------

Cars highlights & Modifications (**added by me):
3B - 5 Cylinder 20V Turbo - (From 1991 Audi 200)
1991 Audi 200 ECU and Wire Harness
01E A6 TDI 6-Speed Transmission
5 lug Swap
All new rubber mounts on suspension
Custom Vagcom plug
Custom Exhaust
4K Driveshaft
B4 Sub-frame
Battery Moved to Trunk - With Shut/Off Switch
Alpine Stereo
Dual Sub Woofer
A4 Rear Hubs
Audi A8 Front Rotors
Modified 5K Front Hubs
RS2 - 993 Fog and turn signals
RS2 OEM Headlights
RS2 Reiger Front Bumper
** RS2 Replica Injectors: Bosch 0280155737 | 36LB | 408cc
** RS2 Wagner Exhaust Manifold
** RS2 Turbo
** RS2 Intake Manifold - powder coated
** RS2 Tune EFI Express - Marc Swanson
** RS2 Mirrors - Freshly Painted Black
** RS2 Grill
** S2 Rear Bumper
** S2 Cross-member (Needs Installation)
** S2 Three Spoke Sport Steering Wheel
** S2 New Steering Wheel Badge
** RS2 Front Grill Badge
** S2 Rear Trunk Badge
** Fully Rebuilt Motor (Top & Bottom) 5/15/2018 @ 129K
** 2Bennett coilovers with Bilsteins suspension
** Powder coated blue springs
** Carbon Fiber Doors, Dash, Ash Tray, Aux Gauge Trim (Aron - Carbon Design)
** Black Leather Interior Swap
** Black Headliner Plastics S2 coupe Parts from Europe
** Headliner Redone and changed to Black
** 3-Bar Map Sensor
** 1.9 bar Waste-gate Spring
** 034 Coated Main Bearings
** 034 Coated Rod Bearings
** APR Head Studs
** Walbro 450 In-Tank Fuel Pump Kit
** 7A Flywheel
** 7A Cam shafts & new chain
** Southbend Stage 2 extreme clutch kit
** APR Snub Mount
** Powder coated Cover and Boost Pipe
** 034 upgraded wastegate diaphragm
** Metal EFI express throttle cam
** Carbon fiber timing belt cover
** Tinted Tail Lights (Done at Bloomington Collision Autobody)
** Avery Intense Gloss Blue Vinyl Wrap (Done at Creative Color Studio)
** Audi RS5 replica wheels - gloss black 18"x8" ET45 5x112
** H&R 10mm Wheel Spacers
** H1: HID Morimoto Elite (Retrofit Source) 6500K Kit
** Phillips "Bright White Light" - H1, H3 Halogen Bulbs (High Beam & Fog Lights)
** Phillips - W5W LED Bulbs (Running Lights Headlights)
** SuperBrightLEDS on whole car
** Air Fuel Sensor/Gauge & Install (Gauge installed in glove box)
** New windshield - Spring 2019
** Kraftwerk Turbo Diverter Valve

• Full Engine Rebuild - John Knutson - Advance Auto Parts Hopkins
• 034 Coated Main Bearings
• 034 Coated Rod Bearings
• Piston Rings
• Valve Guide Seals
• Hydraulic Lifter X20
• Head Gasket Kit
• Graf Water Pump
• Timing Belt
• Timing Belt Idler/Roller
• Timing Chain Between Cams
• Thermostat - Meyle ; 80 Degree C; With Gasket
• Block/Lower End Gasket Kit
• RS2 Wagner Exhaust Manifold
• RS2 EM Gasket + studs
• RS2 Turbo
• RS2 Intake Manifold
• 3B ECU w/Motronic EFI Express RS2 Tune
• 7A Fuel Pressure Regulator (4bar)
• 1.9 bar Wastegate Spring
• Walbro 450 In-Tank Fuel Pump Kit
• APR Head Studs
• Secondary Radiator
• AC Compressor & Clutch
• Cap & Rotor
• Water Temp Sensor
• Bosch F5DPOR - Spark Plugs
• New turbo/oil/exhaust gaskets
• New KKK 3 Hole Wastegate Gasket
• Throttle Body/Housing Gasket
• Southbend Stage 2 extreme clutch kit
• 7A Flywheel
• Pilot Bearing for 7a Flywheel
• 034 Clutch Throw Out Bearing, Metal - 01E
• 034Silicone Inter-cooler Hose Set - 3B
• Coolant Flush
• Synthetic Oil Change (15w-50)
• POR15 Engine Block Rust Protection and Porcelain Paint Kit - Black
• Powder-Coat Intake Manifold, Engine Cover and Boost Pipe
• New Front Windshield
• New Upgraded 034 Motorsports Wastegate Diaphragm
• New Wastegate Gaskets x 2
• New A/C High Pressure Switch 443 959 482 B
• 034 Phenolic Intake Manifold Spacer Kit
• APR Snub Mount
• N75 Valve
• Air Fuel Sensor/Gauge Installed

**Compression Test & Boost Leak Test done Dec by Anderson Motorsports 159-160 compression (Healthy motor)

Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9e-tek5Oq_k

Drive By: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4QNDrsDeSIE
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