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I have a 1990 Audi Coupe Quattro project for sale.

It runs and drives, but being an Audi, it has its share of issues. I bought it with the intention of turning it into a track beast, but I now have a baby on the way. I know I will never have the time or money to make it what I want to, so it's time to let it go.

I haven't driven it too much, mostly during snowstorms. It has a set of Blizzaks's under it, and the thing is just unbeatable in the snow! I did take it down to Seattle once with no issues.

Let's start with the good

Runs and drives. The transmission, clutch and drive train all seem to function perfectly. The locking rear differential works perfect, and so does the ABS. The body is virtually rust free with one exception. Though I have stripped a lot of the interior out, I have kept every piece, clip and screw.

Last summer, I fired up the AC, and it worked!

Known issues
The engine ticks. From my experience, I am 99% sure it's a collapsed lifter. It doesn't seem to affect anything, though, and it's given me no issues. It does smoke a little, but it is consistent with bad valve stem seals. It burns a little oil, but no more than any 27 year old car.

The car was totaled back in the early 90's. As far as I can tell, though, it was just a bit of damage to the left quarter panel. It looks like they did a sub-par repair, which is why the bondo is flaking off. There doesn't seem to be any real damage to the inner structure, though, so it just needs to be stripped off and repaired. It doesn't need a new panel. I have done a lot of work in the automotive repair industry, and the body of this car is really in pretty damn good shape, minus that one spot.

The heater core was leaking, so I tore the dash out and replaced it. I didn't spend a lot of time putting it completely back together, though, since I had planned on tearing the dash back out anyway. The resistor for the auto HVAC system is bad, so I rigged in a resistor from a Eurovan. It only works on high, but it does work. I had intended to swap in a manual system from an Audi 90.

The left tail light had water in it, and the internal wiring is bad. It will have to be replaced.

The left fender and park light are damaged. You may be able to fix the fender, but it may be easier to replace.

Both fog lights are cracked, but work.

The speedometer display doesn't work, and neither does the odometer. However, I pulled the car-fax on the car shortly after I bought it, and it had a different mileage listed just a year or two before I got it. The odometer reads 130,835, but I haven't put more than 1500 miles on it. So while the exact mileage is unknown, it is probably right around 140,000.

Knowing that the engine had issues, and realizing how difficult it was to find older Audi parts, I started collecting parts to swap in a newer 2.5l 5 cylinder. I have a complete swap from a 2009 Jetta, including ECU, wiring and accessories, with 73K, Engine code CBU. The motor was run, tested, and ATF was put down the cylinders to keep them fresh.

I also picked up a 6 speed 01E transmission from a 2002 Audi A4 with 60k, transmission code FYF. Unfortunately, someone dropped it on its face, so the bellhousing is broken at the starter. Fortunately, I also picked up a complete transmission core, which has the bellhousing loose. It will have to be swapped.

Like I said, I have the entire interior from the car still. I took it out, because it wasn't in very good shape.

There are numerous other issues with this car, though none are major. While there's no reason you shouldn't be able to drive it home, this is very much a project car. $4000 OBO
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