if this ad is here, the vehicle is still available

Reluctantly I’m selling my 1990 Corrado g60 project. I’ve had the car since Feb 2019 and have done a ton of restoration work to it.

Highlights: engine was completed resealed. Supercharger was rebuilt by BBM (no miles on the new rebuild. See pics.).

Below is a list of some parts that were replaced.


I recently change the intake manifold and tightened all the vacuum lines. Engine is running much better. Has rough idle but I was able to put some miles on it and it feels good.

Liquid Molly
Tire (1)
02/20/19Tire (3)
01/31/19Bentley manual
02/28/19Main shaft seal
02/28/19Sachs clutch kit
03/05/19Clutch alignment tool13
03/09/19Engine support bar
03/11/19Transmission mount
03/11/19Engine mount
Engine mount
07/07/19Windshield washer pump & tank
07/10/19Head gasket
Oil pan gasket
Cylinder head bolts
12/07/19Injector rebuild
12/17/19Replacement injector
03/23/20Shipped supercharger
03/24/20Coolant hose clamp kit
Coolant flange
Oil pan
Crush washer - 10mm
Crush washer - 8mm
Crush washer - 14mm
03/27/20Water pump
03/28/20Dipstick funnel
04/02/20Coolant hose - oil cooler/water pump to coolant flange
04/03/20Coolant hose
04/09/20Supercharger rebuild (by BBM)
04/11/205th gear seal
05/14/20Grill emblem
07/03/20Injector seat