Mileage:125000 M
Engine:1.8l Supercharged 8v
Up for sale is my 2nd Corrado G60. Purchased from IL in March 2021, the summary is it is great mechanically, not so great electrically and cosmetically outside (inside fantastic). Rebuilt GLader with less than 1000 miles from Bahn Brenner (with documentation)! Recent oil change and inspection from German Auto Works Springfield, VA. Asking $6000 or best offer!

Facebook Listing with more pictures: ‫Facebook میں لاگ ان کریں‬

The good:
  • Freshly rebuilt GLader with documentation, RSR outlet, Stage 4 ported and powdercoated
  • OZ Ultraleggera rims 17"
  • Engine pulls hard and doesn't leak
  • Interior is clean and beautiful, besides some faded door trim and one small seat tear (left drivers side bolster).
  • New OEM floor mats
  • New Autobahn Autoworx hood cable kit
  • New power steering belt and bracket
  • Current VA registration and tags
  • Akropovic exhaust
  • Owners manual and service manual
  • New Group 42 battery

The bad:
  • Paint is faded, peeling in some areas
  • Spoiler and sunroof are intermittent, the motors work but they don't always cooperate
  • Cluster has connection issues, I had it converted to run on a digital VSS and 91 digital cluster & odometer. Cluster was professionally reprogrammed by iKarz, still trying to sort it out but others may have more expertise.
  • Riding on cheap eBay coilovers so ride is hard
  • Fogs/blinkers disconnected
  • Passenger window non-functional (could be regulator or relay)
  • Drivers door lock non-functional
  • Seat belt motors finicky (passenger non-functional)
  • Some rust on hatch trim and suspension parts Not sure where this falls but under prior ownership someone relocated the ECU to drivers kick panel so the boost line isn't connected. It also has currently disconnected AFR and Boost gauges. on the A Pillar. It also has an AC delete so no compressor.

I also have a bunch of parts for the car some will be included and others I'm selling separately:
  • Engine mounts
  • Set of Koni Sport struts/shocks (Yellows) & H&R Springs ($600)
  • Roof mouldings ($200)
  • Euro seat belt kit ($600)
  • OEM Airbox and hoses $100

Happy to provide more info and answer questions! Tons more pictures I couldn't upload.