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**Car has been sold**
I picked this lil guy up for the 16v swap and for the interior, and a couple little things. Just about everything else is there.
Asking $350/OBO, empahsis on the B.O. NOT trying to get rich here, just trying to clear out some space. Make some offers, lowballers cannot possibly offend me, but you can try!

key and clear title ready to go with the car.
List of what I've taken:
Gli spoiler
16v lip
16v engine/trans/wiring harness
interior, seats/doorcards/rear parcel shelf
plastic sideskirts, for some reason very hard to find in Wisconsin
Heres whats left:
Exhaust incl. catylytic converter
full suspension with some form of lowering spring
all four doors are clean with good glass
and power window regs/ door handles
all the ABS stuff is still there
Rear disc brakes
instrument cluster
dash/center console/steering wheel
std seats from 86 jetta GL
front bumper/rear bumper + both rebars
16v fuel pump/tank
full forward lighting harness
all four fender flares
good working moonroof mechanism
x4 staright bottle cap wheels, crap tires
trunk full of parts (see pic)
in the trunk:
front cross member (motor mount)
lower rad support
upper rad support
x2 100mm axles
dash kneebar
box of misc nuts/bolts front end hardware
see the pics, this car is/was actually pretty clean, very small amount of damage on the passenger side rame rail. I didn't even know it until I dismantled the front end.

pic of passenger side damage, very minor

trunk fulla parts

again not trying to make $$, just need some space, make offers!


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Re: 1991 Jetta GLI parts car whole for parts $350/OBO Milwaukee, WI (scirockin16v)

would you be willing to chop the abs wiring harness for the control unit in the trunk and a short length of harness with it on there. because mine was cut.

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Re: 1991 Jetta GLI parts car whole for parts $350/OBO Milwaukee, WI (hipfin)

I've got an accepted offer for the whole car, I'll let you, and all the other people who'd like parts know if it falls through. http://****************.com/smile/emthup.gif
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