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Afternoon All!
Hoping someone could give me a pointer or two on what to try next please.
I have a 1991 Golf Mk2 1.8 8v GTi, PB engine (hazard switch on the steering column).
Car was idling and suddenly cut out and has not started since; there is no spark coming from the coil.

What I have done so far:
  • I've had the distributor rebuilt from Ignition Car Parts in Basildon (new Hall Sender, cap, arm etc).
  • New ICU fitted and new relays (ECU, Fuel Pump).
  • New coil (HT leads are about 9 months old and are Bosch).
  • 12V going to ICU, ECU and Hall Sender.
  • New ignition switch (not connected to the back of the ignition barrel but using a flathead screw driver to "turn the ignition".
  • When going to stage 1 on ignition, rev needle jumps and all lights are on the dash).
  • Good earth from battery to chassis to gearbox mount.
  • Checked every single fuse and replaced any that looked worn.
  • Tried running earth straight from battery to coil
  • Definitely fuel coming through - after a few minutes of cranking you can smell petrol and I popped off the fuel hose to the injectors and petrol is gushing out.
Still no damn spark!
I connected the hall sender plug to a new distributor (not installed) and rotated the shaft by hand; can hear the clicks when it hits the points but still no spark from the coil pack.
Would replacing the ECU be the next step?
If anyone could give me some pointers on where to look next, I would be eternally grateful!

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