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1991 TD Jetta nearing 400km

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Hey, how ya doing. I own a 1991 Jetta Turbo Desiel which is nearing the 400km, it still runs good and strong too. I am thinking of giving the engine a extended life and possibly improving its perfomance. Just looking for some opinions on this matter, anything will help really. firstly I'd like to know if changing the filters in the engine to say some from KN to breath new life into the TD will be worth it?
Looking ofrward to your posts.
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Re: 1991 TD Jetta nearing 400km (RonSoda)

400,000km, right?
Try also 400Mm.
I dont think the air filter is really a big deal until you go for a ducted cone like a Viper.
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Re: 1991 TD Jetta nearing 400km (Mr. Duplicity)

Wow, very nice

I have a 86 TD that has just over 300,000 miles on it. It smokes so much now you can't even drive it....I think its time to retire her to the scrap heap. If the body weren't shot, I'd do a rebuild
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