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1992-1994 S4 owners speak up..

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i need one of these cars. i test drove a serverely beaten and poorly maintained one... and even in it's state of squalor i was hooked... i need one of these bad and i need all your opinions positive and negative...other than the cost of parts, etc.. ive researched that portion and it's a lil scary haha but you have to pay to play, no?
i know 227hp from the 5cylT quattro, and i know they can be modded to be Insane... i chatted with shine racing's finest Vw/Audi tuners about it and they are anticipating the arrival of an early S4 to my "collection".. i'd be happy with a totally factory low mileage well maintained example of one... i have LOTS of time and i am in no position to buy at the moment, but still any and all info is apreceated along with pics of yours/others whatever
p.s. no need to tell me how rare they are i already know what i'm gonna have to go through to find the black one i dream about.. i'm up for the search tho the reward will be sweet

here's one pic i found in another thread:
^ I will own this car.. it's a nice version of the beat to sh*t one i test drove.. my lord are they ballsy

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Re: 1992-1994 S4 owners speak up.. (JoeJetta91)

These cars are indestructable as long as you change the timing belt every 70k miles and change the power steering rack every 120-140k. This particular car has upgraded brakes +1 size wheels, and a little (hehe) north of 300hp.
Oh...it's for sale. $12k and some change, then it's yours. Tell Keith that Thomas from the Audi club sent you.

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Re: 1992-1994 S4 owners speak up.. (TabulaRasa)

omg that one's for sal
why NOW? i don't have $12k at the moment...sh*t i don't even have $ .12 i'm broke for the time being.... oh lord. thanks for the info tho http://****************.com/smile/emthup.gif
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Re: 1992-1994 S4 owners speak up.. (JoeJetta91)

I would give you my girlfriend for a mint, red w/ black leather UrS4...
Re: 1992-1994 S4 owners speak up.. (JoeJetta91)

if you search down a little bit you'll see i posted a similar question. i received alot of info and if you haven't already go to urs4.com
also, if you go to s-cars.org you'll find a classifieds section, and audiworld.com has a forum where i posted the same question and again received alot of useful info.
i just sold my Scirocco 16v (i miss her!) and decided that im going to pay off my student loans with the money in a few weeks, and then i'm going to look for one! i have my eye on an emerald green 93 S4 in Boston, everytime i look at the pics i get "excited".
as bad as i want one of these cars however, i don't think i'd trade my g/f for one
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Re: 1992-1994 S4 owners speak up.. (Mk2Scirocco16v)

um well i am not buying now.. i really just have this sinking feeling that they'll be extinct by the time i am ready to buy haha i wanna talk to an owner and get a promise that in one year i can buy his/hers.. stake my claim you know hahahaha

i donno i'l check those sites man thanks
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