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Toying with the idea of putting my corrado up for sale. The car runs and drives but is definitely a project. I’m posting for $3,000 OBO or trades for an air cooled or other classic cars.

Engine: Runs but is leaking coolant from the thermostat housing or coolant flange. It is the original 12v with around 190k on it. I’m honestly not sure what’s all done to it as I bought it from the previous owner without much info. It also has had the AC condenser taken out, and the line was cut by the radiator. I was planning on doing a full AC delete anyways, so I wasn’t worried about it.

Transmission: It has the taller 5th gear out of a TDI. Unfortunately the bell housing has a nice chunk missing where it mates by the flywheel. Everything still functions as it should and the clutch as repacked about 10k ago by PO.

Body: The body is fairly rust free. It has a little bit of rust around the rear window, but the rest of the car is fairly solid for being a Midwest car. The car was in a minor fender bender in a parking lot that dented the fender, but I have a new fender to go back on it. There was no other damage done to that side. I have the front bumper but it’s not in very good shape, so it’s not currently on the car. The hood cable also broke but I have another to replace it with and might get around to doing it soon.

Everything else is fairly solid besides the typical corrado electrical issues. Drivers side window doesn’t work, I think it’s the regulator itself. The sunroof doesn’t open completely and the ABS light is on. There may be some other stuff I’m forgetting but I’ll answer questions as they come. I’d definitely suggest trailering the car. I also have a bunch of spare parts to go with, including euro belts. Have original window sticker and Manuals as well. Price is 3,000 obo or trade for an air cooled or other classic cars. I am located in Brookville, Ohio 45309.

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