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1993 Passat GLX Sedan For Sale

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I hate to do it.. but I have to. I'm getting rid of my beloved 93 Passat GLX. It has an EXCELLENT stereo system (put together by yours truly) tuned for sound quality, not crappy booming bass. (Don't get me wrong, it pumps a ton of bass anyway.) The suspension is top notch and the tires are in great condition. This car handles like it's on rails. It has it's fair share of issues though, so keep that in mind.
Here's a photo of it at Waterfest 2000. I won 3rd place in Passat Modified with this car back in 1999.

All reasonable offers entertained.
Here we go:
1993 Volkswagen Passat GLX
156k miles
Classic Green
2nd Owner, first was VW Parts manager
Tan Leather Interior
Automatic transmission
Located in Annapolis, MD. Use 3124 Anchorage Drive, 21403 for Map Directions.
+ Exterior
- Sungard Tint (35% sides, 20% rear)
- Hella Dual DE Headlights (Smoked)
- Hella smoked amber side marker lights (Wired to blink and come on with parking lights)
- Strip-tinted rear tail lights (like A3 GTI tails)
+ Interior
- MOMO Sport Steering Wheel
- Razo Carbon Fiber Pedals
+ Engine
- Garrett Chip
- K&N Panel filter in custom airbox (3" cold-air inlet, 3" outlet to MAF)
- Techtonics 2.5" Exhaust
+ Suspension
- Neuspeed Sport Lowering Springs
- Bilstein HD Shocks
- Neuspeed Front Strut Tie Bar
- Obars Rear Sway Bar
- Brembo Cross-drilled and slotted front rotors (80% life)
- EBC Greenstuff Pads (80% life)
- Stainless Brake Lines
- 17x8" Konig Villan Rims custom backspaced to -35mm offset
- Yokohama Parada tires in 215/40ZR17 Size (75% Life)
- Panasonic CD Head Unit (20 second skip protection)
- Clarion 7-band Equalizer in Glove Box
- Cerwin Vega 6.5" Component Speakers (Front)
- Pioneer 6.5" 3-way speakers in rear deck
- 12" Rockford Fosgate Punch Subwoofer in Sealed enclosure
- Rockford Fosgate amplifiers for front and rear speakers
- Profile 300w amplifier for subwoofer
This is a great car but has it's share of issues:
- Falling Headliner
- Blown heater core (VWOA agreed to replace, VIN# on file)
- Melted/blown heater fan control
- Leak in power lock system (manually disabled)
- Sunroof Slider Broken on Driver's Side (Disabled to prevent future damage)
- Front Wheel Bearings Need Replacing
- Corroded main connector in VR6 wiring harness (Causes some Transmission hard shifts and check engine lights. Bypassing the connector and soldering the wires should solve it.)
- New head gasket and timing chain guides and tensioner at 100k
- Transmission fluid force-flushed at 100k
- New transmission fluid cooler at 100k
- Mobil 1 Synthetic Oil since 37k miles

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Re: 1993 Passat GLX Sedan For Sale (B3VR6)

That's a beautiful car! It looks very appealling to the younger crowd, while remaining tasteful. I would be all over it if I hadn't just bought a 93 Passat GLX myself. Some day, I hope my car looks like that! Good luck with the sale. http://****************.com/smile/emthup.gif
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Re: 1993 Passat GLX Sedan For Sale (B3VR6)

How much $$$$$$$$$ are you asking for it
It looks nice
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Re: 1993 Passat GLX Sedan For Sale (CaribbeanVR6)

I'd like to get $2800 (OBO) for it with the stereo included.
Oh yeah.. I forgot to mention.. also included is the full set of stock 15x6 BBS rims, the stock Leistritz exhaust (removed at 60k), and the stock suspension.
At a minimum, it's a perfect donor for a OBD1 VR6 (Much easier for an A2 Swap than OBDII) swap.. or any other VR6 car that could use some Rims, tires, brakes, pads, etc.

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Re: 1993 Passat GLX Sedan For Sale (B3VR6)

I'm very interested, how far is Maryland from Florida? Let's say in driving time.
I can arrange the buy, but, I have to figure out how to take it to FL.
Also do you have any recent pictures
Is the title clean
Let me know ASAP please, Thanks
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Re: 1993 Passat GLX Sedan For Sale (CaribbeanVR6)

Depends on where you are in Florida.. I'd say it's about a 12 hour drive.
I don't have any recent pictures.. the only difference is that the Rieger spoiler is not on the car any more. It was actually broken in that picture, you just can't see the damage. I'll include the cracked Rieger spoiler as well.
The title is clear... and in my Name.
Re: 1993 Passat GLX Sedan For Sale (B3VR6)

Too bad your not in texas cause i'm sure that thing would be sold already. I know you hate hearing this but what ever happend to powmotorsports.com?
Re: 1993 Passat GLX Sedan For Sale (Donathan)

BTW it's about an 10 hour drive (80 mph) from DC to Jax, Florida.
How far is that dropped? Looks really good. I know you prolly wouldn't want to strip your car, that can be more heart-wrenching than simply letting it go in one piece, but how much for the whole set of landing gear?
Re: 1993 Passat GLX Sedan For Sale (Donathan)

Ahh.. POWmotorsports... Well.. All the money, time, and effort was coming directly out of my pocket for that site and the club. I was tired of not getting any support from the 'President' of the club and didn't have the time to keep up with the improvements on the site.. so something had to go.
Re: 1993 Passat GLX Sedan For Sale (BigMikeman)

It's dropped with Neuspeed Sport Lowering springs.. and they claim 1.5"... but it's more like 1.75" with settling.
It handles like it's on rails.. god I really love this car.. but don't have the $ to fix what needs fixing.. and I'm buying a house on the 28th!
I really don't want to entertain parting the car out.. mainly because I have no place to put it during the tear-down. I really wish I did, because I'd hold onto the Rims, Plus Axle Setup and VR6 for a transfer into my Jetta Coupe!
Re: 1993 Passat GLX Sedan For Sale (B3VR6)

Can you take the car to Jacksonville Fl.
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Re: 1993 Passat GLX Sedan For Sale (CaribbeanVR6)

Can I take the car to Jacksonville? Sure.. for another $1000. I don't have the time to drive it down, take the time off of work, and fly back.
You may, however, be able to pay a friend to do the same.. or you can buy a one-way ticket to BWI airport and drive it back.
Another option is to pay a company to ship it for you. Usually costs between $300 and $500 depending on the shipper.
Re: 1993 Passat GLX Sedan For Sale (CaribbeanVR6)

Hey Bro,
Since you mention Jacksonville you probably allready know about this shipping company but here it is anyway: https://www.dasautoshippers.com/ebay/ebayquote.html
They can ship from anywhere but Jacksonville would be the least expensive. Overall prices are very reasonable though.
You may want to look into the taxes that will be imposed once it arrives to P.R. I definitely do not want to discourage the sale (it's one of the best looking Passat's I've seen) but it would be best for you to find a friend with a dealer licence so you won't get nailed as harshly. On a good note, the year and miles on the car will make the tax imposed much much less.
Good luck.
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Re: 1993 Passat GLX Sedan For Sale (CarlosFL)

Thanks Bud, I'll check on that, I think the tax here runs for about $1300.00 and the shipping bout' $800.00, so, if I can get the car here for $5500.00 it's a good deal
P.S. I'm still figuring out how to post pictures here, I got your postcard from the Bacardi Rum Festival
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Re: 1993 Passat GLX Sedan For Sale (CarlosFL)

Carlos, Gimme a call at 787-409-5590, that's my cell, I would probably go to Maryland to buy the car and I need someone to take me to the airport, I pay you for it. P.S. I can get you a bottle of 151 Bacardi
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Re: 1993 Passat GLX Sedan For Sale (CaribbeanVR6)

are you at all interested in selling the lights
Re: 1993 Passat GLX Sedan For Sale (Clubdem)

It sounds like CarribeanVR6 is really interested in the car.. and will probably (I'm ASSuming though) want the Hella DE's intact.
Carribean.. email me or let me know once you get closer to a decision.
Re: 1993 Passat GLX Sedan For Sale (B3VR6)

good luck
! i said it before & i'll say it again....that's one of the sharpest b3s i've ever seen & i envy anyone who gets it

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Re: 1993 Passat GLX Sedan For Sale (B3VR6)

I'll give you a response on monday, but, I think I 'm buying it
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Re: 1993 Passat GLX Sedan For Sale (B3VR6)

By the way let me know the VIN # to get a quote on the taxes here in P.R.
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