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240k on the body, about 170k on the 12v VR6
5-speed shifts OK if you're not crazy about it
Heater works (on a couple fan speeds), AC does not.
All 4 windows + sunroof work
Mouse-style auto seatbelts work
Replacement dash plastic & heater switch included
Front seats out of a Mk3 K2 something or other, one bolster is shot and shedding foam.
Will start right up and drive, though the battery probably won't hold a charge and 1 tire has been sitting flat for a few months. Rest of the tires should be OK.
3 operating brakes, 4th had a line leak so I've blocked it off at the distribution block (and stopped driving it)
Coilovers & shocks were cheap, currently sitting cranked up high.
Tailgate has a euro plate holder

https://goo.gl/maps/5bNCJGK5CeRFnTYp7 (last good all-around shots!)

Video of it running: https://youtu.be/uqJ9NrlegVc

Hit front end 2015, fixed up with replacement sheet metal & drove daily until 2018
Rear hatch rusted shut, some rust spots on body panels.

I'd drive this almost anywhere, I'll consider driving to you if you pay my ticket back to Chicago!
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