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1993 vw cabriolet problem

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My girlfriends car was acting really strange today. I went out and started it for her and it started surging. Going from 1,000rpm to 2,000rpm, and it kept jumping back and forth. After a while it stopped. She then took it for a drive and it started doing it again. Any idea of what could be causing this? Throttle position sensor?
Thanks in advance Scott
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Re: 1993 vw cabriolet problem (shoff1991)

Maybe the idle stabilizer valve(ISV)? Try and clean it out with Electrical parts cleaner(NOT brake parts or carb cleaner). Also, it may be the oxygen sensor. One of my GTIs acted that way, and an oxy sensor made him happy again. HTH.
Re: 1993 vw cabriolet problem (maximus_manx)

Sounds like a vacume leak to me. Its a common problem spray a little wd-40 at the little vacume lines slowly . If the engine revs really quick at on spot thats the hose you need to replace.
It could also be the O2 sensor but I would check the lines first.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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