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1994 Corrado 16v for sale on BaT

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I’ve listed my Corrado on BaT. The auction ends this weekend. Japanese-Market 1994 Volkswagen Corrado 2.0L 16V LHD
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Are the wheels stock? What fuel injection system does it use? Will it pass emissions or does it have to be registered as a vintage vehicle?
Yes, the wheels are stock. The fuel injection in Bosch CSI, I do not recall the version off the top of my head (I'm at work right now). The car is German-spec that was exported for sale to Japan when new and sold by Yanase. Yanase sold LHD drive German and American cars in japan (still in business). LHD cars are apparently status symbols there.
As far as I can tell, the car is 100% stock, except for maintenance that has been done to it. In my online research, I have not been able to find a nicer original Corrado 16V anywhere else in the world. Plus it has low mileage.
In North Carolina, it carries a normal registration. Due to it's age, it is exempt from emissions inspections in NC. You would of course need to see what requirements your state has.
Bidding ends shortly after 5pm EDST today.
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