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Up for sale is my 1995 corrado vr6 that I’ve owned for the last 9 years. It’s been a great ride with this car but its time to move on. I am located in Vancouver BC and the great thing about the 95 is that you are able to import it into the states. Some of you know the car but to those whom don’t I will give you the low down:

1995 was the last year of the corrado with only roughly 85-87 brought into the North American market (strictly just for Canada). The only difference was the addition of drivers and passenger’s air bag, no glove box and knee “breaker” bars instead of the useful storage trays. I bought the car at roughly 165/167,000 km and it currently is sitting at 186,xxx km. The car started life in Manitoba and in the early 2000’s came west to victoria until it made its way to the mainland. I do not know of how many owners its had but I speculate I am the 3-5th owner. I always wanted to have a super clean corrado and that’s what I strived to achieve, and get compliments every time its out. I will give a quick overview of the bodywork, the motor and the suspension modifications.


-Car has been resprayed twice in my ownership last time in 2011
-Custom pulled fenders on all four to clear 17x9 without rubbing
-Shaved antenna
-Shaved rear seams, vw emblem recess, “corrado” holes
-Shaved rear tow hook cover in bumper
-Shaved side markers and headlight washers on front bumper
-Replaced right rocker rear section due to being crumpled
-Replaced the gas door pocket with a used piece due to rust (inner and outer)
-Completely smoothed out the body before each respray
-B3 passat moon roof
-Jom badgless grill with vr6 emblem
-Euro license plate tub
And I’m sure there is more

-Factory “AAA” vr6 bought from a vw dealer in California back in 2009/10 (only 6000 km on it)
-Gruven parts billet crack pipe and rad neck
-Low temp thermostat, thermo switch
-Samco hoses (black)
-New coilpack (bremi)
-New plugs and wires
-New clutch (just Luk oem replacement
-New slave cylinder and brake booster
-New passenger axle
-Brakes replaced in 2010 with pads and rotors and wheel bearings
-R134a conversion done before my ownership. I have never actually charged the a/c but it is all still intact (compressor, condenser, hardlines) but when the below was done I made sure they accommodated that I wanted working a/c.
-Custom stage two vrt setup running a precision t3/t4 60 trim done at cts turbo about two years ago. They did custom intercooler piping, 3 inch downpipe, ecu tuning, etc… honestly I dropped the car off and said “make me a stage two vrt and they did exactly that, I can get all the info if your interested. Car is still running obd1 but I have an obd2 swap in the garage that will be included


-Running h&r ultra lows in the front, and kw v1’s or v2’s in the rear (have the matching kw’s for the front just never installed as I bought them used.
-Neuspeed front upper stress bar
-Eurosport rear strut tower bar
-Neuspeed rear sway bar.
-R32 control arm bushings,
-New tie rod assemblies

I’m sure there’s more I can add but this is all I can remember at this time. There are a couple small issues with the car that I want to disclose:

The car blows the fuse for the rear spoiler/sunroof and aux gauges occasionally
-The car has a small parasitic draw, if you leave the battery on it will be drained in 3 days… I drive it occasionally so its never bothered me, ive just disconnected it between uses.
-The micro switch in the drivers door handle doesn’t work, can only use power locks from the passenger side (have replacements)
-Heater fan only works on speeds 2 and 4
-Car since the turbo has been running warmer by about 10 degrees Celsius, never figured it out
-The car also unfortunately got egged last summer, I will be repainting the hood and the left quarter panel before sale as I took a lot of pride in building this car and don’t want to pass it on to the next owner with those marks
-a couple dash bulbs are burnt out

I know this was quite the essay but thanks for reading, I know my price is up there but I’m not in a rush to sell. I am asking $17,000 with everything I’ve acquired. Best way to get ahold of me is by sending me an e-mail to [email protected] or by sending a private message.



Pre VRT days:


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figured some photos post vrt might help, sorry for some cell phone ones i figured bad ones are better than none.

and photo cred to this one goes to mr. mooshoo (i'll remove it if you don't want me to use it just pm)


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Thanks for the kind words guys, as for horsepower i have no clue, i would hope its hovering around the 300 mark, right now its only running 8/9 psi and really thats enough for me, but i have never dyno'd it, now you guys have me curious haha!

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I'm not looking at buying, but I just wanted to say that you have one gorgeous Corrado! I have a red VRT that after 3 years is finally getting finished, and when I saw this it just made me want my Corrado even more. BEAUTIFUL Corrado, man. GLWS!:thumbup:
thanks for the kind words! i built it so only corrado people would really appreciate the car. I hope you have fun with your vrt and enjoy it for what it is! :beer:

and i think it has been more than 4 years jay haha!
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