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Wow, I can't believe how frustrating VWs are...I've installed a remote starter on my fiance's 1995 GTI VR6 and everything was working great until I tried to start it with the doors locked. Of course, the factory alarm is triggered and the neighbors start screaming. According to the remote starter manual, I can connect a Factory Alarm Shutdown Wire to a wire on the factory alarm to disable the alarm during a remote start. However, I am having great difficulty in this process...
First of all, I am not quite sure that I have located the factory alarm module. I think that it is the metal box behind the headlight switch. I unbolted the box from the metal dash frame and tried to turn it around to look at the electrical connections on the back, but the space is so tight that I couldn't get a good look. The remote starter company says that you can "pull the module down" after unbolting it, but I can't seem to pull the large metal box through the fusebox or the plethora of wires in the area.
Is this even the factory alarm module? If so, how do I access the wires. If not, where is it? Also, if you guys have any wiring diagrams for the alarm module they would be greatly appreciated....I've been looking for a bentley manual around here, but I can't find one and I don't want to wait for it to ship....she's coming home in 3 days!
Thanks everybody!
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