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Hey hate to be "that guy" that his only post is to come on here and try to sell something but here I am lol. Always come here for the DIYs when I do work on my car so I appreciate it.

Also hate to be that guy who copy and pastes their craigslist add haha but yet again here i am

Lol i guess you guys even have a feature for weening out guys like me haha, hold on i gotta go post 5 times to add my pics.

on Craigslist asking 2350 but on here for the people that know better im at 2250ish OBO

1997 Volkswagen Passat Estate (Wagon) GLX VR6 - 5 Speed Manual - 169K Miles

"Turn-Key" running, driving, smooth shifting, daily driver.

I have been driving this car for 2 years, I know this car in and out, and the VR6 Engine has never skipped a beat on me, This was a commuter car for me.
I got a truck for work 6 months ago, so haven't been driving this as much and its ready to go to a new home.

I just put the car through a huge refresh to get ready for sale and also have replaced parts along the way as they failed. All details are as follows;


- 169K on 12V VR6 - 190 HP Engine
- 5 Speed Manual Transmisson w/ New Clutch
- Ready to Drive Away and be your Daily Driver, No Major Problems.
- 5% Tint (Literally cannot see in the rear 5 windows, Carpool Lane!!! Haha)
- 17" Rims - Color Matched
- New Low-Profile Tires
- Great in the Snow (Driven over Snoqualmie Pass "Chains/AWD Only Blizzards" w/o chains MANY times)
- Car Lowered 2.5 Inches on Adjustable Coilovers (Can be raised 1.5" or lowered 4" from current stance)
- 80% of all Suspension Parts are Brand New and Installed (The other 20% of brand new parts are included in sale, and not pressing)
- Drilled and Slotted High-Performance Rotors
- Ceramic Brake Pads w/ a lot of Life left.
- Added Glove Box from a B3 Passat (These cars do not come with a glove box stock)
- Interior Shampoo Vac'd and Detailed
- Paint Waxed and all Horizontal Surfaces Cut & Buffed with DA Polisher
- Rear Seats Fold Down - Quickly and Easily (6' x 3.5' of cargo space)
- Last Year of this Body Style, Plus Unicorn Year. (Rare Model)
- GLX model was VW's Top-of-the-Line car back in the day
- Made and Assembled in Germany (unlike other VW's of this time which were made in Mexico)
- Power Windows - All Working (Passenger Rear needs some help sometimes)
- Power Locks - All Working (Ability to roll windows up and down from the outside, using key)
- Heated "Leather" Seats - Rears in Good Condition (Front two have been covered by seat covers since I've owned it and have the usual wear a tear of a 20 year old daily driver)
- "Leather" GLX Door Cards
- Heated Windshield Wiper Fluid
- Electric Sunroof - Working
- Miles Per Gallon Display - (Along with Avg. Speed, Temperature, Trip Counter & Trip MPG)
- Oil Changed every 4000 Miles with synthetic
- Injectors Cleaned Professionally
- Converted to G13 Coolant
- All Door Handles Greased and Adjusted to open properly (Big 90s VW Problem)
- Heat Blows Hot (All Vent Flap Foam Fixed)
- AC Blows Cold (Recharged Last Summer)
- 22.5 Gallon Fuel Tank (450 Mile Range)
- 21 Real World MPG


- Sachs Clutch & Throw-out Bearing - 8000 Miles/1 Year ago (Have dated pics of install)
- Rear Main Seal - 8000 Miles/1 Year ago
- Adjustable Coil-overs - 10 Miles/1 Week ago
- 17" Tires (215/40/r17) - 1000 Miles/4 Months ago
- Rear Wheel Bearings (Left and Right) - 8000 Miles/1 Year ago - Front & Rear Strut Mounts - 10 Miles/1 Week ago
- Strut Bearings - 10 Miles/1 Week ago
- Moog Outer Tie Rod ends - 10 Miles/1 Week ago - (New Inner tie rods included in sale, don't think replacement is need yet)
- Moog Ball Joints - 10 Miles/1 Week ago
- Heater Core - 2500 Miles/6 Months ago (Also fixed the inner vent flaps that go bad on all VW's of this era)
- Drivers Door Handle - 10 Miles/1 Week ago
- Oil Cooler Seal - 8000 Miles/1 Year ago
- Coolant Flush and Upgraded to G13 Coolant - 2500 Miles/6 Months ago
- Injectors Cleaned using Vacuum Port and SeaFoam - 2500 Miles/6 Months ago
- Brake/Clutch Fluid Bled/Flushed/Replaced with DOT4 Fluid - 8000 Miles/1 Year ago
- AC Recharge - 8000 Miles/1 Year ago

(Dated email receipts of all new parts installed on the vehicle available upon request.)


- Full Cooling system replacement and Thermostat
- All Front Control Arm Bushings
- Inner Tie Rods
- CV Axle Boots
- Oil Pan Gasket
- In - Dash CD Player (Not new, but working)
- G13 Coolant

(These parts are known to go bad on 90s VW's so the were purchased as preventative maintenance)


- Light scratches on some corners and rear passenger door from previous owner (She is still a good 10 footer though)
- Rims are also 10 footers, scratches and some rash (Tires a basically brand new though)
- Speedo, Tach, Gas Gauge, and Temp Gauge will all randomly shut down every once and while (I'm trying to track down a bad ground somewhere, so hopefully I'll fix it before the sale. Also, could just be a bad cluster which is $50 at any Pick n Pull)
- Drivers Seat not perfect (Seat Cover fixes this)
- Drivers Carpet has seen better days (Floor mats fix this)
- Little dirty, Coffee Spills and pennies in the crevices between the seats (Shampoo Vac'd out most of it)
- Horizontal Paint Surfaces were a tad Oxidized (Although, I did buff it out so its glossy now)
- I got it close back to stock when doing tie rods/ball joints but she could use an alignment, still is perfectly drive-able though. ($80 at Les Schwab)
- Radio works but display is broken. (Replacement In-Dash JVC CD-Player included in sale)
- Winshield has a pretty nasty crack in it and rear-view mirror fell off. (Quoted $199 at the windshield place on Bothell Way, or you can just epoxy the old mirror back on and drive it cracked like I do, lol)
- Fog lights in front plastic lenses missing. ($10 at Pick n Pull)
- Just your average 20 year old daily driver condition, more good than bad, but ya know its not perfect.

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