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EDIT: SOLD on Nov 20, 2021.

First of all, I know 8 large sounds ridiculous. I intend to part it out and make my money back that way. But it runs like a champ and it hurts a bit to undo everything. So I figured I'd put it up as a whole running car.
I picked this car up in 2015 in stock form. At the time it had 140k or so, nowadays the chassis has about 200k. Motor was rebuilt but unknown mileage on the bottom end.
I want to build a Mk4, hence why I'm selling my toy.
I know it doesn't look like much, but here is the rundown:

CX Racing coilovers
ST front and rear swaybars
5x100 swap
New control arms with HD bushings
DE brakes up front
Mk4 rear calipers with Eurospec 11" rotor setup
Stainless brake lines front and rear
17x8/9 fifteen52 Tarmacs

Motor and Trans (This is where most of my loot went. No corners cut):
12v AAA VR6
Stock bottom end
ECS lightweight crank pulley
Mk4 headgasket
ARP head studs
Ported head. 5-angle valve job
Mk4 (lighter than mk3) lifters
Techtonics HD valve springs
Real deal MacDaddy Schrick 268 degree cams with matching GIAC chip
2.9 clone intake manifold
42dd intake elbow
Stock airbox with K&N fileter
Ported lower intake
Ported stock exhaust manifolds
Techtonics downpipe
CTS 3" full exhaust, no cat
Autotech lightweight flywheel
Stock Sachs clutch
Flipside Customs reinforced clutch fork
02A transmission with 02J shifter tower
Peloquin LSD
VW Motorsports 3rd and 4th gears for that cool-ass whine
VW Polo shifter box to house the Mk4 shifter setup
Dieselgeek Sigma5 short shifter
Mishimoto radiator with slim fan setup
AC system intact and functional
Swoops custom battery mount in trunk
Braille B2015 mini 15lb battery

Mk4 stubby mirrors fitted to Mk3.5 bases
Smoked headlights
Hella Magic Colour smoked taillights
Smoked turn signals
Kamei bumper ducts
Ebay front lip (one of the good ones from Croatia, 4+ years and it hasn't blown up)
NA front bumper with shaved side markers
Antenna hole plug
New OEM windshield
Bonrath mono wiper setup
New raintrays, with 1/2 being from the UK to "shave" the unused wiper hole

Recaro SRD seats
Planted seat brackets
Recaro sliders
Mk3.5 black leather interior with dimple dash
42dd 3-gauge bracket
fifteen52 shift knob
NRG quick release
Momo hub
Momo Benetton steering wheel
VR6 cluster

I figure if I part it out, I can squeeze over $8k out of that fairly easily. Entertaining offers.
I'd trade for a MK4 R32 in so-so shape.
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