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Name: Derrick Nichols
Location: Newport News,VA
Contact Info: PM
This is the deal. I wanted 13.5k when I first listed the car but I REALLY REALL Y want this gone ASAP. I am almost desperate. There are some things that need to be fixed on the car. Third gear is gone so the tranny needs to be replaced. I do have a replacement tranny but I haven't installed it yet. If you care to know more send me a PM or call me on my cell. 757 209 6677
PRICE IS 11k FIRM as is with the new parts
Please do not waste my time. If you don't have cash in hand I don't want to hear it. I have had way too many flakers.
OEM JDM Front Bumper
JDM Honda Front Metal Fenders (Shaved Side Markers)
JDM Honda Radiator Support
JDM Honda Non-HID Headlights
Type R Honda Optional Equipment Side Skirts and Rear Lips
Spoon Carbon Hood
Spoon Carbon Lip
Spoon (Style) Carbon fiber side mirrors
Stock GSR Front and Rear Seats
JDM ITR MOMO Steering wheel
Type R Gauge Cluster
Type R Amber Clock
Type R Door Panels
Type R Fog Light Switch
Type R Shifter Consol
Type R Ash Tray/Cup Holder, etc…
Type R Floor Mats
Type R Trunk Mat
Autometer Z Series Gauges with amber bulbs (matches Type R cluster and clock)
EGT (Not Hooked Up)
Autometer 3 Gauge Full Pillar Pod
Autometer Dual Gauge Bezel
B18B Bottom end
B16 Head with Type R valve train and gsr cams
AEBS Intake Manifold
RC 550cc Injectors
Rev Hard Race Kit
Turbonetics T3/T04e Full Ball Bearing Turbo
Upgraded Intercooler Bar/Plate core is 26x10x3
Turbonetics EVO Wastegate
T Bolt Clamps
A/C and Power Steering work perfectly
OEM Radiator
Fully custom 3” stainless steel exhaust, no bolts, only v band connections the whole way back.
Racing Fuel rail with AN fittings!!!
Braided stainless steel fuel line (-6 AN)
LS 5 Speed Transmission
KAAZ Limited Slip Differential
Stage 3 Clutch 6 Puck with dual springs
EXEDY Lightweight Flywheel
Skunk 2 Short Shifter with Energy Suspension Shifter Bushings
KYB AGX 4 Way Adjustable Shocks
Skunk 2 Coilovers
Skunk 2 Rear Lower Tie Bar (Titanium Color)
Stock GSR Brakes
16" FNOIRC's Black with Polished Lip and Polished Center
Front tires are wrapped in 205/45/16 BFG Drag Radials (Brand New)
Rear tires are wrapped 205/45/16 Yokohama ES 100 with plenty of rubber left.
The Bad:
Front Lip is cracked.
CF Hood needs reclearing.
The front bumper could use paint. (I can get that taken care of.)
Needs Camber Kit. (I raised it up so the camber wouldn't be too bad.)
Holes from the Type R wing I had need to be filled and painted.


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If you need to sell it quick, why dont you ask a reasonable asking price? Its a nice car, for sure- but LSVTEC's are unreliable as it is, especially since you didnt tell us who built or tuned it, or HOW its tuned. If an LSVTEC isnt properly built, theyre timebombs. Added to the fact that an LS block only revs to 6900rpm, and the VTEC doesnt really shine until 5900, leaving you with a 1k rpm powerband. Add turbo to the mix, and youre asking for trouble. A properly built LS turbo should take an LSV-T anyway. The only benefit to LSV is the higher compression ratio, and better flowing head. The higher compression does nothing for you since youre boosted, and for the $500 you spent on the vtec head, you could have gotten a sick port job on the LS head. Id recommend you put the LS head back on, and sell it as a JDM front LS-T. Then i'd price it at around 9-10k if youre lucky, and youll have $500 in the bank when you sell the VTEC head. If you sold the ls head, you should be able to pick one up for around $100. I wont mention the transmission.Other than that, sick car- good luck with the sale.

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11k is too mcuh for that man. im a honda guy too.
if you wana trade, ill be more than happy to ge this thing from you and give you mine. this is exactly what ive been looking for
if you really dont want to trade, take the engine and tranny out, and ill take the shell for my car.
also, why such a price different on HT and here?

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I have known plenty of ls/vtec's hold up with no problem at all. With most of them reving to 8k. Its all in the tune. My car is currently street tuned on Crome to 12lbs which should put it at just under 300whp. The car has been super reliable besides a ground issue that I fixed and I have daily driven it since February to NC from VA pretty much every other weekend. The motor isn't in bad shape at all. It could use a retune now b/c of the drastic temperature change ( i got it tuned in the middle of summer).
Now as far as the price. I have it at 10k which to me doesn't seem like a bad price at all. I mean the body is straight..no wrecks. The title is straight and in hand. All the rare and expensive jdm parts on it..ie the optional sideskirts and rear lip kit. How about you guys tell me what its worth. I am not looking for any trades at all. I need to sell it straight out to get rid of this loan.
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