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1999 1.8t 83,500 miles
The car is white
Stage 1 APR chip
Forge Diverter valve
Badgeless grill
Open Air intake (custom, Didn't feel like paying $280 for one)
Column pod boost gauge
Sony Deck (cant remember what model, but its only 6 months old)
I have had the car for a few months and decided i want to spend money elsewhere. Its a great car. Its pretty fast. Haven't had any problems except for the passenger door sticking shut. The old door latch froze up and I had it replaced. No probs since then. Has all of the power options. As far as I know, it had the 80k tune up with all new belts. No rust, no scratches or dents. Looks and runs great.
Bought the car for $9,100. Looking to get $9,500 obo.

If you are going to say that I am crazy, dont bother...I already know.
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