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4th time's a charm, not 5th :laugh: 1broknrado vr6 rebuild

So yet again, the motor is coming out of my corrado.
after the rebuild g60, the 16v, the vr6, now the vr6 coming back out again...
here is a list of to do's:
262 cams w/giac chip
timing chains
rear main seal
neuspeed pulley set
masontech crackpipe kit
somewhat wire tuck
new radiator,
new fans
battery relocated to the trunk
mk4 headgasket set
metal waterpump
new "steel enforced" oilpan
clutch? depends if oil got on it from the rear main seal (only has 10k on it)
tdi 5th gear - if you have any info please tell me (ordering, DIY etc etc)
polished manifold
stainless steel exhaust studs
SS braided fuel lines from dubnutz.com
mild port/polish headwork

so far, i pulled the motor out. So far on order = timing chains, rear main seal, mk4 headgasket set, waterpump, new radiator.
i have alot to do so this is going to be a slow process because college takes up most of my time

i'll post pics as they come!

things already done to the car:
patec coils
r32 bushings
10lb flywheel
bfi stg2 motor mounts
stainless steel brake lines
crossdrilled and slotted rotors
girling g60 calipers
smoked tail lights
euro ecodes w/ 4300k hids
ronal r15s 15x6.5 et 35
neuspeed shortshifter
some stereo work (going to be redone)
repainted engine bay w/ removed seam sealer
o2a billet shifter bushings (verdict motorsports)

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Re: FV-QR (1broknrado)

I am also planning on a tdi 5th gear swap. Currently I am running 3K rpm at 70 and 3.5K at 80. We can go 65 and 75 on our highways here so I am safe from tickets at these speeds. I have looked at Kerma's kit online and they say one of their kits will drop the rpm 800. I still do not know if all I need is the gear or anything else. They want $350 for the gear too, so I would like to figure out what is needed and see if it could be found at a junk yard. http://****************.com/smile/emthup.gif

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Re: 4th time's a charm, not 5th :laugh: 1broknrado vr6 rebuild (1broknrado)

got my 5th gear from TDIparts.com good guys to talk to about what to go with and it is a pretty easy install. You need the 5th gear and the selector gear.

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lol NO!
no pics because ralph forget the camera but...dash is out, wiring is almost all seperated and de-taped. holes are drilled inside the cab for the wiring. tomorrow going to clean up a bit, finish unwraping the wires and label all the connectors with alot of reading of diagrams to see what all those extra clips and cut wires are that i didnt know about!

will post pics tomorrow.
any have some suggestions about how to run the fuel lines?
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