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2.0 ABA all motor possibilities

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Tried using the search, and got nothing. I am looking to swap a 95 ABA motor into my 90 Jetta and am looking for power options other than forced induction. Any suggestions are appreciated.
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Re: 2.0 ABA all motor possibilities (wmccrorey)

with the 95, it'ld be an obd1 which means it'll be a lil easier to do what u wanna do as opposed to tuning an obd2 aba motor
how much are u lookin to spend? basic all motor would be start with the head due tot he block work getting to be expensive... a PnP job along with an agressive cam... dont forget the HD valve springs for the bigger lift... i'm doin a 268 from TT but if u wanna keep it all motor and are gonna be serious on it, u can go as high as 272 with a PnP and 3-4 angle valve job without having serious idle issues
raise dah compression for all motor... do your basic all motor goodiness as u would any motor
for the block, bore it out to a 2.1 and use a tdi crank. i know autotech makes a 2.1 kit for the 2.0L but i havent heard anything about it
look thru the tech-2.0 threads cuz i know this topic comes up a lot... someone has posted an all motor god which made me think why would i wanna go boost....

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Re: 2.0 ABA all motor possibilities (CuCo33)

I have seen a 2.2l kit somewhere. When I get home I will check.
Re: 2.0 ABA all motor possibilities (spdfrek)

Its a 2.1 liter kit...sold by AUTOTECH
http://www.autotech.com, its in the range of $2k
Re: 2.0 ABA all motor possibilities (1fastmk3)

the kit is sais to give 150 HP to crank, never seen dynos yet though for proof.
Re: 2.0 ABA all motor possibilities (1fastmk3)

I am not sure who makes the kit, but using 84.5mm pistons with a 99mm crankshaft stroke should give 2.2 liters.
Re: 2.0 ABA all motor possibilities (spdfrek)

eip also has a 2.1L bore kit I believe.
Re: 2.0 ABA all motor possibilities (GTspeed)

Rip the head off, and do the following:
Port it like a mother...
Drop in 42mm and 36mm intake and exhaust valves from an E30 (i believe) 325?
Use Alfa Romeo solid lifters
Get a nice 300 or so degree cam?
83-84.5mm pistons
95.5mm TDI forged crankshaft
maybe a little bit of the juice (Yes boys and girls, nitrous oxide
And now you've got a free revving torque monster 2.1 or 2.2L engine with solid lifters and a lightened valve train ready for those upper RPM's that's ALL MOTOR
Have at it haus!
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Re: 2.0 ABA all motor possibilities (Geoff Rood)

How 'bout clearance in the head for that cam?
Re: 2.0 ABA all motor possibilities (VW97Jetta)

Well you're going to want to block the oil galleys to keep the oil from screwing with the solid lifters too much, but as for clearance, maybe some small modifications to the cam journals but nothing too much. I'd imagine it to be very very close to all other 8v heads in terms of those clearances. They all use the same size lifters so the base circle on the cam is going to be the same on any 8v head. In other words i'd imagine any 8v solid cam would fit in the ABA head. The best part about this setup is that Alfa lifters are about a gram lighter than their VW counterpart (smaller shims on the underside rather than big flat ones on top) so you don't need those nasty high rate springs that mess up your cam lobes!
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Re: 2.0 ABA all motor possibilities (Geoff Rood)

Thanks to everyone for all the info, time to rip the head off and get to work
Re: 2.0 ABA all motor possibilities (wmccrorey)

I run a 285 kent cam in the race engine. The lift on the cam is almost requires the lifter bores to be clearanced. I'm going to the dyno today. I may post a scan...
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