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Re: 2.0 Turbo fueling issues (ncrovo)

yeah the idea with the cartech would be to set a lower base fuel pressure (to match the flow of the 310's to the stock flow) then as the boost comes on you'd dial in the rising rate gain for a near perfect air fuel.
The engine management you have just isn't designed for boost. No matter how many chips you throw at it, there is always going to be the limitation of not having a map sensor, and a restrictive MAF that maxxes out its voltage range.
Another idea, is the extra injector controller (ie sds). But both of these solutions don't take into the account of timing retard necessary for mid-high boost ranges.
Thats what is going to kill your motor, if you can't pop a degree or so of timing out per psi of boost , or lower your base compression ratio more, you're gonna be stuck with something that will need higher than pump octane..
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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