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Re: 2.0 Turbo fueling issues (ncrovo)

what psi are you pushing?? I know several guys stuck at about 7psi on the ATP kit with Motronic 5.9 management like you have. Lowering compression and raising octane would help power output/engine life for sure if you can get the thing to stay stoich at idle and stoich to rich at 5-6k rpms...
listen to mkrad as he is right on the money...dawes devices also makes a microfueler that starts shooting gas at a certain psi level...did you try another chip maker. Autothority makes chips for 7-10 psi setups. SDS or TEC-II is your answer if you want to cleanly/reliably push 12psi and up...
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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