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2.0L 16V Mk3 Golf (9A not ABF)

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I'm wondering if this would be worth it... Swapping a 9A 16v engine in a Mk3 Golf... Or should I go with the traditional way... tuned 2.0 crossflow, VR6, whatever people stick in their Mk3 nowadays? I always thought a 16V Mk3 would be cool and unique.
Was it ever done before? if so could someone post some links, pics, whatever? Thanks in advance
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Re: 2.0L 16V Mk3 Golf (ajothy)

quote:[HR][/HR]yes, Volkswagen did it
It would be unique in a sense because you'd have the "old" 2.0L 16V in your MKIII.[HR][/HR]​
I am aware that VW made the ABF 16V available in Mk3s and Corrados in Europe. I was contemplating this idea because it's an unusual swap and a 2.0L 16V should be enough to get the car moving
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1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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