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2.0l engine swap with 1.8l head, what does it take

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I have an 89 Gli with a blown 1.8 16v and I am swaping it out to put a 2.0l block with the still good 1.8 head, I just need to know how big of a project is this going to be or is it going to go rather easy? What should I be warned of? http://****************.com/smile/emthup.gif http://****************.com/smile/emthdown.gif I am hoping to achieve something that is a little more balzy than the straight 1.8l 16v

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What is your goal? Just to get her back and running again or or are planning to get some performance mods done as well?
1.8 16v head bolts right on, i'd say go for it. i got thisset up in my 83 gti i shaved the head .010 to raise the compression more and threw in a set of cams and runs 14.4 consistantly
Re: (turbo8vg60)

you need to use the 2.0 headgasket and that's it. it's recomended to have the head resurface to make sure that is straight.
that's a straight forward swap. just chaning out the bottom end for more power, all the sensors, wiring, computers, and fuel box will be used
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what about the 2.0 having 2 knock sensers and the 1.8 having 1?
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