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2.25 exhaust question!

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I needed to replace the lower section of my exhaust (about mid body to tailpipe). I had some 2.25" pipe made for the replacement (since I will eventually change the entire setup to 2.25). It seems that no matter how I place the it is dangerously close to the rear brake lines. Any suggestions on fixing this. Extend the shield that goes between the underside of the car and the pipe? Don't worry about it because it can't burn through the brake line? Get braided brake lines? Help!
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Re: 2.25 exhaust question! (Josh[deady]Able)

stainless steel lines would definately help.
Re: 2.25 exhaust question! (rockin16v)

quote:[HR][/HR]stainless steel lines would definately help.[HR][/HR]​
I'm not sure how...
SS lines are teflon tubing with an ss braid and then either plastic (most common) or rubber covers. If they hit the exhaust, you'll burn off the protective cover, then transfer the heat via the ss braid thoughout the whole length of the tube. This is a good thing?
Re: 2.25 exhaust question! (VWhombre)

well, if it's close, thenthe ss would help, but if they are touching, there is something major wrong.
a brake line would last longer when it is touching an super hot exhaust if it was wrapped in braided stainless steel. the rubber ones would melt right through. either way, if the two are in contact, do NOT run your car, cause you will just have to replace the line that is touching it. not to mention you wont have any rear brakes.
Re: 2.25 exhaust question! (rockin16v)

It'd be easier to move the exhaust or get a proper exhaust. http://****************.com/smile/emthup.gif
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Re: 2.25 exhaust question! (rockin16v)

Brake lines are connected in an 'X'.
Rear right with front left and
rear left with front right...or
something like that ...
You cannot "lose the rear brakes".

But i guess somehow that seems worse to me !
I'd rather lose the rear brakes and still have
the front, that way i could use the handbrake to
proportion the braking myself (the hand brake is
connected via a cable that bypasses the hydrolic
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