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Hey my name is Brandon and this is my first post and its going to be a long one ;) For a few years now I've been contemplating taking the 2.3 turbo motor out of my 1988 mustang and throwing the whole drivetrain from an a6 or s4 in. My buddy does car salvaging and he ended up with a 2.7t a6 automatic and i paid $800 to basically gut whatever i want out of it and give him the shell after. So anyways this is where I started.
So before i started on the actual swap I needed a new garage sooooo

my dad looking at something lol

a day later

after that the scissor trusses

my brother and dads friend

a bit of plywood

a bit of electrical

some floor paint

some awesome porkrinds from my old work(dads friend owns Porky Co)

and the fun begins

made a subframe/motor/tranny cart out of angle iron and lots of tig welding

removed the rear end all in one piece

got the drive train out and on the cart

removed everything necessary to me and got that shell out of here

now had to get the mustang prepped by removing everything basically lol

play with my puppy Turbo

3d print some nylon parts

it started getting cold

so heater was put it

so i was able to roll the motor under the mustang and see whats what and also it was nice in the garage for being 11 outside

a6 subframe was a lot lower then the mustangs frame


started working on the mounts using roll cage tubing and 1/8" plate i believe

lil bit of tig welding later

nuts were welded on plate before the pipes were welded on and this is after a long time welding and fitting and re-checking alignment of everything

all welded in

lil paint and they look ok

rear motor subframe mounts that i call ice cream sandwiches. they got some holes drilled in and nuts welded

whole front subframe is now bolted on

removed AC then on to the strut towers and lots of cardboard for templates

welded up the side

templates for the filling sheets

dozens of welding hours later

springs were a lil wide so a hammer and sawzall fixed this lol

test fit of the audi column and pedals ;)

mount the steering rack partially(dont mind the 2 different style mounts lol)

time for the rear end, not that pretty but it works

strut mount

and shes welded in ;) did have to cut out a considerable amount of the stock frame to fit but o well lol

after a few months of welding cutting and gringing shes finally on the ground

and the shifter mounted real easy, yes its tiptronic lol

Turbo loves cars :p

Time for the part that would make or break the car, the wiring! I love working with wiring and this bitch has a lot of it lol this is the loom only under the dash for the cluster AC and all that other BS

label everything!

removed what i didnt need

this is what i was left with

now for test fitting and wire organization(the best i could without cutting it all up)

mount the fuse box with a ground stud welded on and the fuse box acts as a mount for the ECU case which i mounted in above

and she worked first try :) and started after a running the starter interlock relay swith wire to the TCU output wire

my brother made me a logo for the car

time for some wire organizing lol but dash fits and i need to make a cluster mount

got a new tranny with less then 80k on it

did a lil painting and it looks ok

welded the heater core pipes shut

played with the transmissions a lil bit

made a plate to mount the master cylinder and and pedals, also made an extension for the booster and had to extend the bolts and the threaded stud on the booster by 2.25"

put in a new LCD

but before that i went for a lil drive
this is where im at now


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Wow nicely done :) :thumbup:

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Cool build!!

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i have had a 2.7t 6 speed A6 for the past 5 years and yea ive had some issues but with where i'm going with this build i'm not going to have 99% of those issues. but anyways thanks guys for the feedback!:p
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