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2 85 sciroccos, 1,200 obo in fl obo

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i have 2 85 roccos, both are 1.8 8 valves, 1,200 obo
one is red and a parts car
the other is spray painted white,
will have some picks sooon
the car does not look the best but it runs great and has lots of new parts.
the white, driving one, is in great shape besiedes the paint,
new stuff (or newer)
brand new clutch
brand new brakes all the way around,
trans (shifts good)
fuel pumps
lots of gaskets
i have done so much to this thing its not funny
interior is good besides dash and a cupple ac vents
a/c works just need to bypass heater core and works even better
only needs shocks and some little stuff
it just needs a little love,
would make a great track car or a daily driver
it was my daily for like 3 years.
it has a lot of hwy miles but it runs very very strong for a 8 valve.
the other car is basically stripped but i have eneough parts/motors to almost build another car from the spare parts.
i just need the room at the shop and i dont really drive it anymore.
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